Jim Davies

Jim Davies, Creative Solutions

Hometown: Hampton

Professional background: Director of Business Development at Creative Solutions in Sheffield, owner of EZ Print and Design in Hampton, manager of Windsor Theatre

Chamber board position: Representative to the board from the Hampton City Council; Design Committee

Why did you choose to become a board member?

“I have an interest in seeing the Main Street program succeed and keeping the Chamber and community of Hampton moving in a positive direction.”

What strengths do you offer the Chamber?

“With over 25 years of experience in business and working with numerous community, regional, and statewide non-profit organizations, I feel I bring valuable experience to the Chamber. I think it also helps that I previously served as a Chamber board member.”

Why is the Chamber a valuable organization?

“The Chamber is one of the few organizations that works with the entire business community, as well as with individuals, organizations, and government entities.”


Few people know business in Franklin County like Jim Davies knows business. Nearly all of Davies’ adult life has been devoted to owning and developing businesses. Much of his interest in business and his intuitive ability to recognize promising business opportunities stems from the influence of his father, Robert, who founded and ran Davies Manufacturing in Hampton for over three decades. For several years, Jim Davies was owner and president of Davies Manufacturing.

Currently, Davies is director of business development at Creative Solutions in Sheffield, owner of EZ Print and Design in Hampton, and manager of the Windsor Theatre.

Davies’ zeal for business is directly related to his interest in people and the community of Hampton. “I enjoy working with people who have a wide variety of interests and needs.” Serving on several boards in the community, such as the Community Foundation board and being a member of the Hampton City Council, has helped Davies keep his finger on the pulse of the people in Franklin County.

The history of Hampton and Franklin County ranks high on Davies’ special interests list. Last September, he helped plan “An Evening Like It Used to Be,” a gala event that helped celebrate the 98-year history of the Windsor Theatre.